Client WebPortal

Client WebPortal

Our Client webportal is an opportunity to exchange equipment management information with our clients online. This allows to increase the security of client information/equipment in consignment, automate manual tasks involved in exchanging information, provide innovative client services and ultimately transform the nature of the client relationship
Management and access of inventory via web based reporting tools:

  • Customized Reports
  • On Hand Reports
  • Transaction
  • Sales Report
  • Any Report Format Utilizing 25+ Data - - Points
  • On Line Requisitioning
  • Inventory Management

Risk Mitigation

  • Environmental liability
  • Ensure data security
  • Brand protection - a picture or scene of logo in embarrassing situation
  • Corporate image

Capital Recovery Services Provided
Nave has provided capital recovery services for the Freedom Region for the last 3.5 years supporting 30+ sites.

  • Field Services for Equipment Consolidation:
    • Field personnel, equipment & supplies
    • Equipment palletized and prepared for shipment
    • Long haul transportation
  • Warehouse equipment for resale
  • Recycle defective and obsolete equipment
  • Return for redeployment as requested

Process Step1
Process Step1